Date and Duration:
December 31-January 3, 2017

I’m. In. Love.

Day 1: We arrived in Edinburgh at around dusk. Before I say anything about this leg of the trip, it should be noted that I had no expectations for Scotland. I didn’t even know Edinburgh was a city. When planning this trip, my friend, Kate, and I just chose at random where to go and Scotland ended up on our list. I had done no prior research into what this city would be like, what attractions there were, or what to expect from it, and I was completely blown away.

We attended the Hogmanay Street Festival and luckily our hostel was right across the bridge. I could actually see the Ferris Wheel and other rides for the Christmas Market from my hostel window! Regardless, we walked Princes Street with the 80,000 other people and awaited the fireworks. There were a couple stages set up for music and the first one we went to was authentic Scottish music. I’m not going to lie… I might have teared up. There was something just so magical about that moment in time. There I was. In Scotland. On New Years Eve. Listening to real Scottish music. Surrounded by a thousand other people just having a good time. It was out of this world. We strolled some more and checked out some of the other bands and at around 11:15 pm we decided to find a place in front of Edinburgh Castle for the fireworks. It was insane and we were lucky enough to find a good spot. With twenty minutes left, we made friends with those around us and even started a singing group as we waited for the New Year to roll in. Then it was time, the countdown began, the numbers decreasing one by one on the castle. Until finally, fireworks shot up into the sky and created the most beautiful display I have ever seen in my entire life.


I wish I could post a video but this will have to do. Lit up in red is the widely known Edinburgh Castle and it was quite a way to ring in the New Year. After fighting to get through the crowd, Kate and I cheered over a bottle of Prosecco at our hostel, listened to some live music, mingled with people coming in and out of the bar, and went to bed with full hearts. A fitting opening to the New Year.


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