8 Countries in My First 13 Years

Let’s get to know each other.

Traveling is something that was ingrained in me since birth. I was born in Singapore in 1997 and a couple months later I took my first plane ride to Hanoi, Vietnam. Since that first flight, I have traveled on at least one hundred flights, if not more. Planes became a place that I considered a second home – a place of solace and excitement. From Vietnam, I moved to Dubai, UAE. From Dubai, I moved to Brisbane, Australia. From Brisbane, I moved to Ontario, Canada. Which later turned into Seoul, South Korea, and four years later I moved again to Guam, U.S.A‘where America’s day begins’. After seven years in Guam (the longest I’ve ever been in one place), I moved to Manila, Philippines. And finally, here we are, in Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A. In the first thirteen years of my life, I managed to live in eight different countries on three continents.

My father worked for Marriott International which gave us the privilege of living in many different, beautiful cities and countries and often the glory and luxury of staying in their hotels and taking first class plane rides to exotic adventures in gorgeous resorts. It’s safe to say that I’ve been spoiled majority of my life, but things have changed and so has my traveling. Since moving away for college, I’ve traveled to:

  • Brussels, Belguim
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Heidelberg and Frankfurt, Germany
  • London and Manchester, England
  • Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m not a travel expert and I don’t have all the tips and tricks of all the places to go or cheapest restaurants or hotels. I no longer fly First Class or stay in Ritz Carlton’s or Marriotts, and I’m learning that you don’t need luxury to see the world. I am someone who wants to see every country on this place we happen to call Earth and I would like to spend my whole life trying to see it all. Even if I don’t reach them all, I’d like to say I tried.

So what will this blog be? I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to see where my travels take me. I’ll probably upload a couple pictures from Guam and Manila, since they are the places I remember the most (and are where my love for photography and writing blossomed). And I’ll add the itinerary from my recent U.K. trip. But besides the postcards I send myself from every place I’ve been, I think this will be a good addition.

See you soon,


Photo from: Crafthubs


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