Date and Duration: January 2-3, 2015   Although this post is written over a year after it happened, Amsterdam is still burned into my memory. I was staying with my friend in Brussels and wanted to do a small trip on our own. Since this was my first time in Europe, I let her do … More AMSTERDAM


Day 2: The first day of the New Year! I could walk this city for the rest of my life and never get tired. It’s like every single turn I make is worth a postcard. Today we went to the Edinburgh Castle which was very different from the German castles I’ve been to. This castle … More EDINBURGH DAY 2


Location: MANCHESTER, ENGLAND When I go traveling I try to find a good story to tell my friends when I return. This story found me. As noted in my previous post, Manchester, my friend, Kate, and I stopped in this glorious city as a midpoint between London and Edinburgh, but it ended up being one … More THE NAKED MAN


Date and Duration: December 27-31 (4 days) What an incredible city! Personally, if there was a city that perfectly embodied who I am as a human being, it would be Manchester. Luckily, our hostel was located directly in the city so everything was a walk away, no need for public transportation (although I do miss … More MANCHESTER, ENGLAND